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How do we help Buyers?

A real estate transaction is comprised of many steps, lots of paperwork, and a firm timeline.  Our job…what we love…is helping guide you through the process so that you can enjoy your home-buying experience.  Below is an abbreviated list of what we do for you:

  • Assist with Financing

    • Help get you in touch with a variety of lenders

    • Work with you to examine various loan options

    • Educate and discuss the differences between being pre-qualified and pre-approved

    • Communicate with your lender of choice to prepare to make an offer

  • Help you find the right property

    • Identify your wants and needs

    • Search for available properties

    • Send you listings that might work for you as they become active

    • Sort through information found online to determine accuracy

    • Network with other agents for properties that are not yet on the market

    • Work with you to determine which properties best fit your wants/needs

    • Analyze the pro and cons of various properties with you

    • Help explore the benefits of an association

    • Assist in evaluating resale value and potential

  • Educate you on market conditions

    • Determine the current percent of list price Sellers are receiving

    • Look at trends in the area, such as average days on market

    • Investigate comparable sold homes to determine market value on your property of interest

  • Guide you through the offer process

    • Explain common contract contingencies

    • Obtain appropriate Seller disclosures

    • Obtain relevant addendums

    • Prioritize your goals and/or your level of desire to acquire this property

    • Help create a negotiating strategy based on your desire

    • Ensure that you receive and understand all required state and federal disclosure forms

    • Educate you on the contents of the sales contract/offer to purchase

    • Facilitate the completion of the sales contract/offer to purchase

    • Be sure all appropriate forms are complete

    • Prepare you for the possibility of a multiple-offer situation, and determine strategies for such if necessary

    • Work honestly, ethically, and efficiently to get you the property you want at the best possible price

  • Get you to the Closing table

    • Create your specific timeline for the transaction

    • Recommend inspectors and other professionals as necessary

    • Guide you through the inspection process, review inspection results, and determine a plan of action for repairs (if needed)

    • Communicate with you, your lender, the inspector, the appraiser, the title company, and the listing agent to keep the transaction on the timeline

    • Accompany you on the final walk-thru prior to closing to confirm the property is in the same condition as it was at contract time

    • Ensure you are prepared for closing with all questions answered

    • Join you at the closing to answer any final questions and support you in the final step of the transaction


Assisting home-buyers, old pros or first timers, is our honor.  We are always available to answer your questions and be your trusted guide.  At the conclusion of your transaction, we aim to remain your Realtor® of choice.  Our goal is that you contact us anytime you have a real estate question!

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